Looking for funding for research or experimental development to develop innovative products, services or processes, but don’t know where to start?

The support is intended to encourage companies to invest in the R&D required for the development of innovative products, services or processes, as well as to encourage the development of companies by investing in the creation and development of R&D and innovation infrastructure. Supported activities:

  • MR&D – research and experimental development;
  • Start-ups by companies that create new or expand the R&D and innovation infrastructure of an existing company that is not publicly available or in clusters;
  • Certification of new products and technologies and related activities.

What costs are eligible?

  • The acquisition of patents or rights to technical knowledge and inventions from external sources under normal market conditions *;
  • Procurement of services from external sources under normal market conditions *;
  • Costs, including costs for materials, low-value inventory, stocks and similar products *;
  • Acquisition of long-term tangible assets used for project activities *;
  • Construction, reconstruction or overhaul of structures belonging to R&D and innovation infrastructure *;
  • Providing researchers and support staff *;
  • Acquisition of computer equipment *;
  • Acquisition of patents, licenses, know-how and other intellectual property related to R&D and innovation infrastructure *;
  • Purchase of certification services;
  • Staff salaries and missions.*

*each item has its own requirements.


What criteria must be met by companies applying for support?

  • Applications may be submitted by private legal entities (excluding research and study institutions) and public institutions carrying out R&D activities (excluding research and study institutions).
  • Potential partners: private legal entities or research and study institutions;
  • Project duration – up to 36 months;
  • Funding – up to 4 400 000 Eur;

UAB Ferox Baltic advises on all issues related to the support measure.

The measure “Experiment” is one of the most successful tools contributing to business development! Take advantage of a unique opportunity to increase the attractiveness of your business. We invite you to consult and prepare for the support.

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