About us

Ferox Baltic Ltd is a consulting company based in Vilnius, successfully operating for over 10 years. We provide a vast spectre of services for both private and public sectors, whilst recruiting professionals for every field of work we operate in. We consult in matters that involve:  EU grants, business management, capital attraction and many more.

Our Mission – to create value for our community, clients and employees, while also helping businesses to grow in a sustainable way. 

Our Vision – to become the first choice for any client for their questions involving business consulting, project management and capital attraction.


Trust– in employees, clients, partners and community.  

Belief– in ourselves, environment, opportunities in the market, ideas and final result. 

Respect– towards colleagues, clients, partners, institutions and competitors. 

Courage– to take actions, to take risks no one would ever take. 

Creativity– we find the most original ways to solve problems. 

Professionalism– we work with responsibility, behave to the ethical code, and we produce our work in high quality. 

Ferox Baltic. Apie mus. Verslo konsultacijos. ES parama ir investicijos. Privataus finansavimo pritraukimas


ENTREPRENEURSHIP – independent, creative, responsible, courageous citizen who plans for the future are the foundation of every successful nation. 

SPORTS AND HEALTH – investments towards health and wellbeing will always provide higher returns than investments towards liquidity of consequences. 

SUSTAINABILITY– we care for long-term results, respect for the green nature, and usage of ecological resources – we believe we must save our environment in general.

*We provide FREE consultations to individuals from vulnerable social groups and Ukrainians.

Numbers talk for themselves:

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