Support for increasing the added value of SMEs’ production activities

Priemonės tikslas: papildyti KITT4SME rinką sprendimais, kurie naudoja dirbtinio intelekto metodus, kad būtų sukurta pridėtinė vertė MVĮ gamybos veiklai.

Svarbiausia informacija paraiškų teikėjams:

  • Application deadline – 15th of December 2021;
  • Project duration: March 1, 2022 – February 28, 2023;
  • Potential applicants- SME or in ES and associated countries allocated mid – caps which have artificial intelligence solver in SME of the manufacturing sector;
  • Support up to 100 000 Eur.
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Remiama veikla:

Integration of TRL5 and newer artificial intelligence solutions for the SME manufacturing sector into the KITT4SME platform.

3 main axes:

  • Artificial intelligence for quality control for early and automatic error detection and better performance solutions.
  • Artificial intelligence for reconfiguration or product personalization – both production optimization and scheduling optimization.
  • Artificial intelligence for human-machine interaction.

Take advantage of the support opportunity to complement the KITT4SME market with solutions that use artificial intelligence methods and create added value for SME manufacturing activities. And Ferox Baltic’s consulting and project preparation will help increase the sustainability of projects and achieve the set goals.

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