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EU funding – it is the additional financing that EU structural funds are providing for Lithuania’s business development. The money is being allocated for 7 years period (now it is 2021- 2027) by announcing invitations for submission for applicants for grants*

*grants – calls for budget allocation for business creation and expansion

Who can applicate for additional funding?

  • Legal entities (various sizes, private and public, organizations)
  • Individuals (holding an individual activity or business license);
  • Individuals not yet engaged but wishing to start a business;
  • Farmers, farm cooperatives;
  • Persons under the age of 40 wishing to start farming activity.

2021 -2027 period seeks the creation of a new workplace, small and middle entities development. There is also a list of priorities is published:

  • More advanced Lithuania
  • Greener Lithuania
  • Better connected Lithuania
  • Lithuania is more socially responsible
  • Closer to its citizens Lithuania
  • Innovative solutions
  • Improved digital connectivity
  • Sustainable urban mobility

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